Sunday, June 24, 2012

the fullfill weekend


This is Singapore-rian!mygod so langsi geh!!!

yayyy!!! our hiking bag is already!!!lets go holiday lover!!

remember me about final destination woo!!

our durian hunting-hampa-ing n sad-ing n happy get the sundae!!!tq mekdi!!!haha

ikan pari keramat for the Sunday!!

kerabu apa ntah n masak lemak nanas!!i miss my mom suddenly gehh!!!

for tonite!!!yeahh!!

get our durian finally!!! like argh!!!!horny!!

heaven!!!! could like to get this early month or balik dari holiday!!!!yeayyyyy woooooh!

wooot wootttt weding dineer!!!!

the walkaway!!!cool ha?

i loike the graphic!!!!simple!!!

the bride n groom!!sweet!


mmg aku suka titoo amik pix!!!

tahniah dinie n fiza!!!

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